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UPDATED: Ocean Guardian provides up-to-date environmental regulations

Mon 12 Nov 2018 by Craig Jallal, tankers and markets editor

UPDATED: Ocean Guardian provides up-to-date environmental regulations
Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons (Total Marine Solutions): saw a need and a niche that required a solution

Last week, Ballast Water Treatment Technology reported on how a vessel was fined US$280,000 for deballasting inside the revised legal limits.

The crew had been relying on outdated regulations that had been in force the last time the ship had travelled to California. However, the ship’s managers had not picked up the newly published regulations.

Had Ocean Guardian been installed on the vessel in question, its operators would have been armed with the type of technology needed to keep on top of the ever-changing environmental landscape.

Developed by USA-based Total Marine Solutions and software from Brenock, Ocean Guardian is a digital tool that provides shipboard operators with immediate access to environmental regulations around the world.

The tool contains a database of worldwide environmental regulations that have been verified by an independent third-party law firm. Via GPS, the vessel’s location is matched to the database.

“Today’s heightened regulatory environment has resulted in greater challenges for the maritime industry. Enforcement agencies are taking stronger action to hold those who violate environmental regulations accountable for marine pollution,” said Total Marine Solutions president Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons.

“Ocean Guardian is designed to help companies facilitate consistent compliance throughout their fleet.”

According to Florida-based Total Marine Solutions, the software system removes the guesswork from environmental compliance, providing operators with immediate and accurate information on regulations pertaining to a specific location.

“Ocean Guardian combines innovative technologies to simplify and enhance compliance operators for ships all over the world,” said Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons.

Ocean Guardian also allows clients to upload company specific regulations into the system, allowing company policies to be rolled out or updated.

Ocean Guardian was launched at CMA in March 2017 after Total Marine Solutions founder Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons saw a need and a niche that required a solution.

The product has reached several milestones, including a marketing and distribution agreement with Tototheo Maritime Ltd in September 2018 and a memorandum of understanding with TGM Fleet and Consulting to further develop the port aspect of the database.

Different types of ballast water management systems and their operation will be discussed by PureBallast head of customer support Jonas Alvan and De Nora’s global proposals manager Susanna Wyllie at the Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference, Awards & Exhibition, 20-21 November 2018.

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