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Ecochlor launches ballast water treatment systems TV series

Tue 03 Apr 2018 by Craig Jallal, tankers and markets editor

Ecochlor launches ballast water treatment systems TV series
Ecochlor chief executive Steve Candito discusses ballast water treatment strategies

The ballast water treatment systems provider, Ecochlor, is sponsoring a TV series dedicated to updating shipping professionals with the latest news in the sector. In this inaugural programme for Maritime TV's new Ballast Water Treatment Report Internet TV Series, Ecochlor chief executive Steve Candito explains his vision for the series and discusses the latest issues affecting ballast water treatment in the maritime industry.

“We are really trying to get information out to the community,” Mr Candito told host Dave Gardy, “especially shipowners, who are the ones facing the challenges with these regulations.” He expanded on the theme to include other manufacturers, the regulators themselves and P&I Clubs.

When asked about the main issues in ballast water treatment systems’ world today, Mr Candito replied that the US Coast Guard is “winding down” the extension programme. “Now you need a very specific reason why you need the extension”, he told Maritime TV.

He also referred to problems where the ballast water treatment system is inoperable. He suggested that shipowners and operators had a specific plan to deal with and communicate the issue to the US Coast Guard. “Sometimes it means sending the ship out (of port) to do a ballast water exchange,” he told Mr Gardy, “not an ideal solution, but at least you can continue your operations.”

The interview was recorded at the CMA Shipping 2018 Show in Stamford, Connecticut, USA, in March 2018.

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