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New Desmi Ocean Guard BWMS aims to comply with strict USCG standards

Tue 12 Sep 2017 by Jamey Bergman

New Desmi Ocean Guard BWMS aims to comply with strict USCG standards
Desmi Ocean Guard’s chief executive Rasmus Folsø poses with a CompactClean UV unit

Desmi Ocean Guard has launched a new ballast water management system (BWMS) it says will meet the compliance standards set by both International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and the even stricter standards of the US Coast Guard (USCG).

The CompactClean system is currently undergoing type-approval testing overseen by Lloyd’s Register for both IMO and USCG’s ballast water treatment standards.

According to Desmi Ocean Guard, CompactClean can treat ballast water up to compliance standards throughout the world, and does not require any special settings for treating and discharging ballast water in US territories.   

In a statement, DESMI Ocean Guard’s chief executive Rasmus Folsø said “The system is free of any troubling operational limitations and can treat water independent of its salinity (fresh, brackish, and marine water) and temperature, and can operate at full flow in the vast majority of ports around the world.”

In May 2017, Mr Folsø was among several ballast water treatment manufacturers who spoke to BWTT about their expectations of USCG willingness to bring its ballast water compliance regulations into line with IMO’s regulations.

The company said it expects it will have USCG type-approval certificates in hand by May 2018.

The key to CompactClean’s ability to meet strict USCG regulations – according to the Danish company – is a patent-pending shape that ensures optimum dosage and coverage of organisms in a vessel’s ballast water.

The system consists of an automatic backflushing filter and a UV unit and includes a pump that can be used as a stripping pump for ballast stripping operations. CompactClean also generates reports documenting a vessel’s treatment of ballast water formatted for submission to local port state authorities.

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